of our lesser sins
let it be known that You
enamored my affections
and revered me as a muse

of our lesser sins
let it be known that We
cascaded through Eons
as a sailor floats the sea

of our lesser sins
let it be known that I
swallowed my vanity whole
with eyes turned toward my thighs

of our lesser sins
let the mortal’s fables spread
saying We were naught but ash
strewn about a homestead

of our lesser sins
let the bard’s epics sing
of our insatiable nights
with You as my king

of our lesser sins
found on this God’s green earth
allow us to throw our heads back
and mirror his mirth

of all our lesser sins
let us now abandon that God
and praise one another
in our universe and abroad



If dreaming were an experience we could share

Then my dreams will land in your lap

Thighs turned towards my eyes

Your ankles cross and skin meets skin

Unconscious wishes given corporeal form

Beside your bedside

Light is tangible

Weightlessness adheres to its bounds

Suspending us steadily within the chimera of our wonders

Until my dreams lazily slip away

Melting between our knees and pooling beneath our frame

Abandoning us to be left with illusory mirth

My head is now on your shoulder

Your thigh meets mine

As we wait for your dreams

To tow us across the impasse of our bodies



Alexis Belle

Alexis Belle

a lover, a libra, a wannabe vampire